Getting stable

Posted on August 21, 2003

Well, between yesterday and today there was another round of installs that got me to what I assume is a stable configuration. From now on installs will come as needed, on a slower rhythm (I hope).

So first off I bit the bullet and applied the dual monitor patch. I really sweated while rebooting again but everything went great and I now have a dual head configuration with quartz extreme acceleration on both displays! Well, it wouldn’t really be my machine if I didn’t mess around with it’s firmware or nvram settings… :-)

As for the software, the main items until now were (in no particular order):

  • Camelbones;
  • MySQL;
  • AppKiDo;
  • Mulberry;
  • Secure communications package for Mulberry;
  • Hydra or ##### or whatever it is called nowadays ;-);
  • Missing Sync for Palm OS;
  • NetNewsWire;
  • Shrook;
  • VLC;
  • Apple X11;
  • Ximian Evolution (I just couldn’t resist, and it works like a charm!);
  • iPulse (god, I miss gkrellm…);
  • Bundle::CPAN.

Most of this I’m trying out to decide which ones to keep.
A good couple of days, and now (hopefully) back to our regular life actually using the damned computer instead of installing stuff on it! :-)