Beach sighting on my daily drive to work

Posted on July 23, 2005

One of the things I like best about living where I live and working where I work right now is the fact that I have to drive to work and I am able to do it via a route that follows along the coast-line for the majority of the way.

I love the sea and I’ve always been near it. I guess I’ve been lucky. So my rides to work and back from work are something I deeply enjoy and never stop to cherish.

Someday this might well change so I figured this would be a good opportunity to make a small video about some of the beaches I pass on my way to work and the sights I see.

The road I take is called “Marginal” and it goes all the way from Cascais to Cruz Quebrada (or very near it, I’m not exactly sure where that road ends and the next one begins). For the most part it follows the sea into the river Tejo’s estuary and although I get on the road nearly half way there (in Parede) I still get to have the company of the sea for quite some time.

This, then, is an experiment in video making, editing, and videoblogging in general.