Weekend in London town

Posted on February 17, 2004

I love London. I really don’t know why, I just know that I do.
So even with a full weekend of cloudy and cold weather I still loved being there.
And of course I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, I have been there so many times that it wears out a bit but even so I did get some shots I find interesting in some way or another.
And since I don’t feel like going to bed just yet you, dear reader, will suffer through it if you wish to read the whole article.
Remember I am on an ADSL line and it will be slow!
So for the brave souls amongst you read on and see the photos, totally unedited (that will come later), directly from the camera and through convert just to get them small enough to be managed.

[All of the photos got lost in time. Sorry about that.]

First off a boat in Little Venice which acted as a puppet theatre:

A touch of yellow and red on an otherwise almost grey scenario:

Yes, it was that cold, I had to buy a hat!

Sunset at Hyde Park:

All the ducks are swimming in the water”:

And I do mean all. Dear God, it’s an invasion! Ducks at dusk!

The day after, in St. James’ Park, still more ducks. They are everywhere…

Ah the Horse Guards, maybe they can save us from the ducks? If they are there, that is…

The sky was still bleak as can be but I do love those buildings:

The sky was getting darker and it was growing even colder (it rained later in the day), but did I mention I love those buildings?

Still with me? Boy you sure are persistent!
Well, no more photos for you, you may go in peace.
See what happens when I get no connectivity at home? I get to do this kind of things…

OK, the show’s over, nothing more to see run along now. Shoo!