The next trip

Posted on March 12, 2005

Just made all the reservation for our next trip. Did I mention I love traveling? :-)

So this time we will enjoy a week in April in Venice, Italy.

I’ve never been to Italy and I expect it to be great.

We booked a hotel on the beach, near the Lido instead of in the city centre, as this is supposed to be a relaxing vacation and not a full fledged city raid as we usually do. So we will be staying in Villa Beatrice and we hope to enjoy the beach a little.

Our initial plan was to do a 5-day trip but we’ve extended it to a 7-day one so there should be plenty of time to get to know the city, catch some sun (if there is any that time of the year) and do some heavy-duty relaxing.

Oh and the trip has a theme. The dates were chosen so that we will be able to dine in Venice on our wedding anniversary.

Can’t wait to go!