Scotland ahoy!

Posted on May 18, 2004

The upcoming Scottish trip planing (what little planing there will be) is coming along nicely.

So far we have the flights and the lodging in Edinburgh booked and tonight we will deal with the car rental.

What is proving to be much more difficult than I thought is booking a night in a castle.

We favour a castle in the eastern coast of Scotland and as near Edinburgh as possible.
This is because we want to stay at the castle early on in the trip in order to be free to roam the rest of the country at our own pace the rest of the time without any date concerns besides getting on the plane back home on time.

Then again we may just as well not book anything and see if we get lucky, but given the restricted number of rooms available in the castles we are aiming at (the elder castles we can find) this does not sound too appealing.

Oh well, lets just see how our luck turns out.