Morocco, October 2007 - getting ready

Posted on October 10, 2007

So here I am, tidying things up at the office, ready to leave on a little vacation down on the Kingdom of Morocco.

There will be little activity here on the site (OK, let’s be honest, there will be no activity whatsoever on the site) until I get back.

I will only leave Friday morning and I’ll be back by Sunday the 22nd and I hope to get a tan, put my sleep back in order (this is the most important part) and maybe even rest. The mind, that is, the body will probably not rest all that much, but that’s OK. :-)

If I’m a good little blogger I may even put up some pictures when I get back…

And now to get out and try to catch a concert before going home. Tomorrow I’ll have to take care of everything I need for the trip, so I’ll have a busy day!