Mogwai on Lisbon Soundz

Posted on August 29, 2005

Went to see part of the Lisbon Soundz show last night.

We went there mainly because Tuxa wanted to go see Franz Ferdinand and although the full show featured 4 bands we arrived there later on and only caught Mogwai and the aforementioned Franz Ferdinand.

So while Franz Ferdinand is an OK band and is rather good at live shows (even if they could work on their new material, maybe trying to get the singing tuned between the two singers) ;-), for me it was Mogwai that made the night.

I didn’t expect them to actually be that good on a live performance, for the kind of music they play. I don’t know why, I’ve never actually thought about it, I just didn’t think that it would be worth it.

Boy was I wrong! Mogwai live is a revelation. Not only because of the powerful sound they create, but also because of their attitude towards the whole thing. They are just a relaxed bunch of musicians, thoroughly enjoying themselves while playing their music.

Also fun to notice was that the crowd that was gathered to watch Mogwai was comprised of people from the early twenties to maybe their thirty-manies, but right after they finished their performance most of them faded to the back and a rush of kids on their teens to early twenties filled in the space just front and center from the stage.

As it would happen Tuxa was on that kind of a mood too, so we also ended up right there in the middle of all the teen-fueled jumping, waving and shouting while Franz Ferdinand played. Ah the memories… :-)

Tuxa thoroughly enjoyed it though and the fact that many of the people there were maybe half our age didn’t stop her from joining the singing, waving, jumping crowd. A good show altogether.

Next up, barring any surprises, is Sigur Rós in November.