Cassandra's Dream

Posted on January 11, 2008

Last evening I went to the cinema to catch the latest Woody Allen’s film “Cassandra’s Dream”.

I didn’t know the plot, I didn’t know what to expect from it but I do know I enjoyed it very much.

This is not a funny film, there is only so much humor in it. Most of the time it tries (and in my opinion succeeds) to be a deep psychological drama –definitely not a comedy.

Woody sometimes does awful things to his characters, but usually he “only” inflicts psychological pain on them and most often that not everything is set on a humorous setting with high comedic value and so it is all a little easier to digest.

Not this time though: when the going starts to get rougher the funny stuff almost disappears (unless you enjoy the darker humor in things, which I happen to do) and all that is left is this wretched situation the characters got themselves into, the rising and oppressing feeling of despair and the terrible ending.

All in all it got to me in a very big way. Great film!