What a week so far...

Posted on April 14, 2005

It’s only just Wednesday and already I can say: what a week!

First there was some home improvement works on the weekend, which (naturally) slid into the week nights. Things are going OK but, as expected, we are now on plan B on a few things and making it up as we go along. Damned master walls, hard as steel and impossible to perforate…

Then there are the preparations for the trip to Venice. Not that I’ve had much time to devote to it because of all the other stuff going on, but it is something that is on the back of my mind and which I’ll have to attend to sooner or later.

Oh and don’t forget the family dinners. Because we are going away on a vacation everybody wants to have us over for dinner this week.

At work things are a bit more chaotic than usual, mainly due to the fact that I’m going to be away for a week and I have to let things sorted out back here, but also because there where some changes going on with some services that took me a lot of time.

Then the new server for my sites got ready to roll (thanks to Pedro) and I made the most urgent transition during the week (i.e. this weblog is already there). That’s about as far as I expect to go for now, when I get back the wiki will follow but probably not before then.

And to top it off I just had my ballroom-dancing exam for this quarter today and I will have the international exam next Sunday (actually that’s the reason I’m only flying out on Monday instead of going on Saturday).
This was the second exam I’ve ever had (in two years of classes) and it’s funny how a bunch of full grown adults get so nervous and nearly resort to biting their nails over a simple thing like this.
It really doesn’t get to me all that much but Tuxa, for example, is a real mess… I can only guess the state she got in when she had her oral exams at the university! :-)

Amongst all this I still have to find (and have found) a bit of time to do some work for the dvdlx.com project, sort my music collection (iPod oblige) and catch some sleep. Of course the gym is what gets left behind, but I’m only human…