Weekend wrap-up

Posted on January 16, 2005

Not a bad weekend altogether…

As I intended I did do lots of programming, not enough, but when is there enough time anyway?

Didn’t actually get to finish porting the weblog to MT3. Ricardo pointed out that MT3 does very well with plain MT2’s templates and, of course, he’s absolutely right, the thing is that I’ve messed those up so bad that now it will take me a bit longer. Still, no big deal, I’ve just been more absorbed by other stuff so when I get around to it it should be quick enough.

I slept quite a bit, which was part of the plan and quite necessary. Also on the relaxing front I was still able to catch The Incredibles at the theatre (when I though for sure I was doomed to only see it on DVD later on). What a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and not only because of the technology (something which has already been beaten to death in every other blog so I won’t go into here) but also because of the sheer entertainment value of the story. What a cool old 007-type story. very funny indeed, it had me in stitches quite a few times. Just was I was needing!

Had some unexpected news this weekend. Not bad news, mind you, just unexpected.

I’ve been contemplating change. It seems to be something that comes up more and more often nowadays so it must mean something. More on that later too.

How’s this for a secret-ridden post, then, he? :-)