Posted on November 11, 2004

Hello world,
I’m still here, despite the silence.

Lots of stuff happening which should have been mentioned as they were happening but where not. So I’ll do a short recap here and, most assuredly, leave almost half of it out but hey, that’s life in blog-land…

Automobile fun

Finally got my car re-shaped and re-painted after having bashed two doors in in my most recent vacation.
It sounds pretty awful when I put it this way but it really wasn’t, there where just some scratches and it had a little bit bashed in, but I live near the sea and I don’t like rusty cars and anyway the car is new so to the shop it went and out it came looking like new.

Now the funny thing is that while my new car (Ford Focus C-Max) was getting painted I got a little Ford Fiesta from the car shop to drive around. I’ve had a Fiesta a while ago and my wife currently has one herself but after four years driving a Renault Clio and now with the big C-Max I had almost forgotten how fun it is to drive the Fiesta. It may be small, it may have a weak engine and so on but it is just so much fun!
I think it has something to do with the way you are seated so low (as in near the road) and the way the engine, while weak, is just so nervous (it doesn’t get you high speeds but it sure gets you to it’s top speed fast). And the way it starts to slide while curving but in a thoroughly controlled way. And surely the way you feel the speed in it plays a huge part too, when you are going at 100Km/h you feel like you’re doing maybe 150Km/h. What a fantastic car!

I guess I’d better stop now before I say something that really gets me in trouble in the (very unlikely) event that Tuxa stumbles upon this… ;-)

But the fun is over anyway, my big C-Max is back and now I have to be really careful not to go over 140Km/h when I’m just trying to cruise lazily along the high-way…


The woes of corporate life in the tech-industry or “The Blue Packet”.
A satire by Rui of the product development cycle in the mobile industry which resonates altogether too much with the real life of many a person I know…

Hang on to your hats

Fedora Core 3 is out (we’ve had it mirrored for a few days now but only got the go-ahead to make it public late monday just like all the mirrors out there).
I’ve pretty much dropped Linux on the desktop after getting my Mac but I still have a RedHat9-based desktop at home which I sometimes fire up as it is the only way I currently have to get music from my MP3 collection into the house music system.
As such I haven’t tried it myself (it will be some time before I start upgrading the servers, I’m not that crazy) but as always people are searing at it and people are swearing by it.
I’ve actually looked a bit at the Evolution version which comes with it and it does look good but then some people are really having a hard time with it so I’ll just let it roll for a while…

Our numbers are growing each day

Yet another big mouth which, for the time being, prefers to remain anonymous.
He’s trying to get the hang of this blogging thingie. Will it last? Will he like it? Will it be a hit?
Who knows? As long as he has fun that’s the point of it, right?
Good luck to you Mr. Blue.
Oh yes, it’s in portuguese only (at least for now).

Get thee behind me…

Someone who has nothing better to do is tempting me with a possible price reduction on a Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM lens (which is already on my wishlist so he knows I’m vulnerable to his fiendish attacks).
Yes you, you know who you are… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
This is starting to look like an arms race! (Private joke, sorry everyone else).

Assorted temptations

As if that wasn’t enough, Melo found out about a whole lot of nice, bright and shinny toys to spend our hard earned money on. <sigh…>

Well then, that’s it for now. Isn’t my life interesting? :-)