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Posted on September 9, 2005

What a couple of weeks the past ones have been!

I’ve been so busy (I’m talking out of work of course, work-related stuff is something I usually don’t discuss here) I’m actually starting to miss photographing or filming stuff!

Just a quick recap of things I’ve done lately for my own records-sake:

  • Ported most of the stuff from my noisy Intel-based home server to the oh so quiet Mac mini. There are still some things to be finished on that front, but most of it is done and I now have the old server turned off most of the time, much to my ears’ relief);

  • Setup automatic external disk backup software for both of my parent’s laptops;

  • Completely installed and setup my mother’s new laptop (including the above mentioned backup solution);

  • Installed a brand new iBook for my mother and did a full length introduction to Mac OS X and the “Apple Philosophy” for my parents. My mother’s brand new laptop had a hardware problem and the store she had bought it from was so obtuse in dealing with the problem that she decided to just get her money back and in the end decided to go the Mac way. Way to go FNAC, just keep on driving your customers away!

  • Did a full credit-card payment gateway integration on my brother’s site (not yet on-line);

  • Helped a number of people with an unusually high number of winblows-related problems. People still largely think that the guy who works “in computers” and with a degree “in computers” must surely know why their computer has turned so slow and stopped doing this and that and (worse) started doing this and that, even if the aforementioned guy doesn’t use winblows himself and in fact tries to avoid it like the plague. 99.9% of the time the anti-virus hasn’t been updated in oh… more than 6 months or so and anti-spyware is still an alien concept so the guy actually ends up knowing full well what the problem is, which doesn’t help his credibility much when he tries to say “but I don’t use the stuff, how am I supposed to know what the problem is?”;

  • Some other random things that needed doing which I now forget.

So still on my plate for next week is:

  • Finishing up the home server migration;

  • Formating the old server, installing XP on it and shipping it to it’s new owner;

  • Doing a full disisfestation of a laptop running winblows which (by the sound of it) must be crawling with virus and spyware and educating it’s owner on the dangers of the Internet and protective measures that must be taken (and in this instance I know that the lecture will actually help so that’s not so bad);

  • Assembling the new PVR machine (whose components I bought a full week ago but which are still lying in their respective boxes due to my lack of time), installing it, putting Freevo on it and configuring everything before my current DVD-player finally gives in and gets to join it’s brethren in the big sitting-room in the sky;

  • Try to get some free time back in order to actually get to use the new PVR!

But now, for a full weekend of beach, with practically no connectivity!

See you all monday!