Now this is a shock

Posted on November 11, 2003

There is a Reuters’ news item which deals with Sony Music’s new take on DRM (that’s Digital Rights Management in case you haven’t been living on this planet for the last months ;) ) which caught my attention.

The trials for Sony’s new copy-protection scheme, which are to be held in Germany, don’t go far enough (I think) and the copy-protection concept still doesn’t strike me as the right way to take on this whole business, but what really caught my eye was this statement by Phil Wiser (Sony Music’s Chief Technology Officer):

“All copy-protections can be hacked,” Wiser said. “But if [we] give people what they are asking for in terms of value, they won’t go out and steal it. It’s called trusting the consumer.”

Have I just entered the Twilight Zone and didn’t notice it? Or is this just PR bullshit and they are “giving people what they are asking to hear”?

What do you mean? Me, cynical??

Via: Code Poetry.