Posted on February 8, 2005

It’s been an interesting few days since I last checked in.

The decision about moving to a new house is turning out to be a really tough one to make. Still, whichever way things turn out the process has been very… instructive. There are a few things I’ll never do this way again. But it is an interesting ride nonetheless.

I’m less than a week away from this year’s ski trip and this time a couple of friends are coming along to meet Andorra, so it should be extra-fun. There is the detail that Valentine’s day will be in the middle of the vacation and Tuxa is a sucker for those things, but I have my plans drawn up, yessiree!

And on a happy, happy note I’ve finished yet another (and seemingly never-ending) iteration of development for DVDLX. There is still a lot of testing and debugging to be done before the new version goes on-line but the brunt of the development is finished. The most annoying part is that this will still not translate into any visible new features, this was essentially still a lot of code-cleanup and the new features will not be activated right away. Oh well, baby steps. ;-)