iMovie HD

Posted on July 22, 2005

Lest I forget, after my initial bout with iMovie I’ve been trying out iMovie HD –the newest version– and, so far, there doesn’t seem to be that many new things.

Of course there is the HD and 16:9 format support, a couple more sound effects and a few more transitions and image effects, some controls where moved on over to the effects group (like clip speed, for example) so a few changes did occur, but nothing really groundbreaking.

Yes, support for the new formats is a big deal, indeed, but on the application front itself there where precious few developments.

Still, it is a good app, as I’ve said before, so what can you improve on it without biting into the Final Cut pie?

Oh, and as far as I’ve seen until now, 16:9 is definitely my favorite format for video creation. I can capture it in native format in the camcorder and iMovie eats it up like a charm. I guess I like it better because of my photography background, I’m used to think of the world more like a rectangle than like a square (and yes, I can do my math, 4x3 is not a square, you know what I mean, get off my back, will ya?)

Still now, as before, iMovie is a great app. I’ll be kind of sorry if and when I outgrow it.