Posted on May 24, 2006

Boy I’m mad… So mad I just have to vent here!

If you are in a good mood, just skip this entry, it is not a pleasant one…

TVCabo, the main Portuguese Cable-TV company –and the only one to service my area as far as Cable or ADSL-TV is concerned– usually has terrible service. This is a given. But this time they’ve reached new heights!

It’s been 5-6 months now that I haven’t had decent service with either the wrong group of channels being provided or else just a minor set and always with huge billing mistakes.

Well for the last month I’ve just been getting 4 channels, the basic 4 that they are required by law to provide everyone, I think, and this is because of a screw-up between their billing and call-center staff (again!) which triggered the cancelation of my service.

Well today I got home to find a shinny new bill from them, billing me for the month’s service.

Argh! Please, please, someone give me an alternative to these incompetent asses! Please!

One whole month with only the basic service (which is totally free, mind you) and I still get billed!

Oh well, I’ll still have to delve in this long enough to write a letter to the entity that represents the customers in the PT group (Provedor do Cliente) and then I’ll just have to forget about it until next month probably…

Now if I could just give the final push in convincing my wife that we really don’t need cable TV at all… Ahh, getting rid of these morons once and for all… Ahh, the bliss…

There now, I’m feeling much better. You were very brave for reading (if you got this far). I applaud you! :-)

PS- Comments are off in this post, it is just too easy for this entry to become cluttered with loads of comments (rightfully) bashing TVCabo and there are already numerous sites out there that do that very well.