Finally back on the 'net

Posted on February 18, 2004

And so it was the on the 5th iteration they got it right.

Each time I opened a report with the operator something changed and they just closed the ticket without ever testing or asking me if things where OK. Sometimes they just plain got it worse. Amazing!

So, as a recap, the sequence of events went like this and remember –each new event was triggered by me opening a trouble-ticket because as far as they were concerned everything was just a-OK after their intervention:

  1. No voice, huge packet drop on Internet;
  2. Voice OK, no Internet;
  3. No voice or Internet;
  4. Voice OK, no Internet;
  5. Both voice and Internet OK.

Now put in a 2 to 3 day delay between each intervention because they where just too overworked (gee, I wonder why, they only had to look into my case 5 times to get it right) and you get a great week and a half of no service mainly due to gross incompetence. The original problem was just bad luck, it happens, sometimes DSLAM ports just go berserk, but after that they had to waste their time for 4 more times to get this damned thing fixed.

I especially liked the times when they left me without voice service and just thought that everything was OK and closed the ticket.

Someone must be doing a killing over closed trouble tickets. Maybe that someone is paid by the ticked?

Or maybe I’m just bad-tempered…