Connectivity Problems and Other Stories

Posted on February 12, 2004

Still not OK.

The line is now OK, I have voice service (they had to switch the port on the DSLAM) but they configured the new port for internet access via another ISP (strangely enough their own ISP, how could the incumbent operator ever think people would have service via another ISP?).
Apparently this new ticket is going to have a 3 day wait just like the other one. And no, the fact that this is technically still the same problem and so it should get priority treatment doesn’t seem to mean a damn thing to them.

Oh well, the cable service I still subscribe out of a mixture of economics, laziness and a vague notion of backup connectivity paid off after all!
The thing is that this connectivity is costing me way much more than the ADSL line.

On a brighter note I’m off to London for the weekend! Of course leaving on a 8h30 plane with the now usual 1h30 hour earlier check-in is not something I look forward to but still it looks like it is going to be a great weekend!

Oh and I got invited to orkut. It looks like the mere mortals are starting to get in! :)
The service appears to be far from brilliant though, for the last 2 hours it’s been on and off and the mail messages take forever to be sent but still it will be fun to poke around, see how it works and then forget all about it in a week or two like every other social networking experience out there.

Oh and I mustn’t forget: tiki definitively rules!