Posted on January 25, 2005

A while back I mentioned I have been contemplating change. This was a (as of yet) conceptual exercise and it applied to my professional life.

But life has a funny property about it. Change happens!

So now, while not disregarding my contemplations entirely, I’m presented with the opportunity of change on a whole different level.

I may be on the brink of moving.

The (prospective) house is great, the timing is right, the values are amazingly even more right, the conditions look perfect…

I’m starting to get suspicious because things are just going too great. You know when it feels like everything is just right and even the stars are aligning in just the right way? Yeah, I feel spooked too.

But then that’s just what’s happening. Let’s see what the next few days bring about.

Oh but of course there’s a down side to it. We just love our current home, so it will be hard to leave it.

Having said that, there is even a chance that it may end up in the family anyway, so it will be even easier to part with it, knowing it will be in good hands and we may be able to visit once in a while. ;-)