Another weekend gone by in a flurry of multimedia creations

Posted on July 18, 2005

Spent the better part of the day with Tuxa making some photos of her bead works.

They didn’t turn out half bad, actually, especially considering that my “home studio” is as improvised as you can get and most of the props are held in place by hand by Tuxa herself. Still, we all have to do our bit and suffer for our art…

What I didn’t have time to work on, though, was on the footage I collected yesterday during my evening walk on Sintra’s “Parque da Liberdade”. Now that I have got me a new toy I was so eager to try it out that I took it for a test drive without even having read the manual first… Well, these things are supposed to be easy to use. And indeed they are, I think I have some good footage for a short movie, judging from what I saw while importing it all to iMovie. Still it took me long enough to figure out the right combination of camera and iMovie settings that allows me to work with DV 19x6 format. The trick, by the way, is to create the new project in that format and then import the footage you captured in that same format with the “Automatic DV Pillarboxing & Letterboxing” turned off, otherwise it will shrink your footage until all you have is a really narrow band filled with really fat dwarves.

Anyway today I also collected some footage of the photo-shoot session so will be able to make a “making of” of the pictures. Family loves that stuff and I get to practice.

A nice relaxed weekend all around.

Well, except for some friends who send other friends some MMS messages with nice pictures of their home and try to make you jealous. Well, just so you know: it worked, OK? ;-)

Oh and I almost forgot, I seem to have reached some weird limit on iPhoto at around 11200 pictures. It just started to act really crazy on me (mind you, painfully slow is no longer crazy, it is just normal at this point) and started bombing out and doing strange and unpredictable stuff to my photos. It is definitely time to look for something better for long-term storage, indexing and handling of pictures. I guess at my rate, iPhoto is good for maybe a year or so of photos, everything else will have to go to some beefed up app. I did try, I was really happy when iLife’05 came out with the new iPhoto, but it just doesn’t cut it for me.