Syndigator - another release

Posted on July 8, 2003

Another minor release of syndigator. Read about it here.
Also, I’m asking for suggestions and opinions on there to add to syndigator.

It is really difficult for me to think of things which are both useful and easy to use.
Mostly I just want stuff that is either really complicated to develop (like synchronizing multiple “frontends” with a common “storage” and “state maintainer”) or that requires resources not commonly available to the average user (like having access to your own always-on server with a database for example).
So while I still want the “geek” features to be implemented, they will take some time to think about and to develop and in the mean time I’d like to add some more features that a regular user would like to have.

Particularly difficult for me is the user interface and user-friendly part of it. Well, not to me exactly, since I’m not the Gtk programmer, but to the development group on the whole.
We are all geeks, and that makes our judgment of a user-interface skewed to say the least. Also, the fact that we have watched this product grow makes us fully aware of it’s behavior and all the reasons for it to be like it is so for us it is not easy to think “what would the average user think about this” or “where would an average user expect to find a button that would do this or that”…

Oh well, suggestions are very welcome in the syndigator blog.

[The links mentioned on the previous paragraphs were removed because the site they referenced no longer exists.]