MP3Slicer -- cut up your podcasts

Posted on March 8, 2005

So today I spent almost two hours waiting in the lounge at the doctor’s office. Quite usual, as a matter of fact but this time I decided to get the lemons life gave me and make some lemonade (as it where…)

And as I happened to have some podcasts just waiting to be recorded on a CDRW to take to my car I decided to try and finish up a little script I’ve been trying to put together for a while.

As it turns out I nailed it today before I got my allergies checked up and while I can’t say I’m terribly proud of the job I’ve made (so far) it does do the job, so you can find my MP3Slicer script here (at least for the time being).

As I state in the scripts page I just had to cut up the podcasts into manageable chunks to make it practical to listen to them while on the car or at the gym and this is my first stab at it.

I can’t remember how long I’ve been trying to get this done so the long wait turned out to be a good productivity enhancer. Who’d have thunk it, heh? ;-)