Going to the doctor is good for you

Posted on March 7, 2006

In more ways than one…

Today I went to the doctor for my biyearly allergies checkup and, as usual, I got stuck in the waiting room for hours.

The good part about it was that I took my laptop and cell phone with me and I ended up finishing the serializer part of the Flickr-Tools project.
It can now get the full photo collection of a user, in chunks, and give it out as a serializer to the user, without him being aware that much fetching is (potentially) going on in the background.

Now all that I’m lacking is the support for the new authentication method (essentially I need to read up on the whole frob passing stuff and I need a way for users to do the first authentication) and I’ll release it to the world.

What’s that I hear? “But wasn’t that supposed to be done weeks ago?” well yes but you know, I love the swoshing sound of deadlines going past so much that I’d do just about anything to get it… :-)