Moon shots

Posted on November 1, 2004

Tonight there was a big (although not full) moon right in front of my living room’s balcony.
This prompted me to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: take some pictures of the moon as seen through Tuxa’s telescope.

This is a small and weak telescope but I does allow a great view of the moons surface even with the smallest lens (the one I used for the shots.

Of course I don’t have a camera adapter for the telescope (yet…) so I ended up trying my luck with a really flimsy setup: I put the telescope on its tripod pointing at the moon and used the angular eye piece so that the piece was pointing back and upwards but very low (due to the moon being really high in the sky). I then setup my EOS 10D camera on it’s own (very old and broken but still serviceable in controlled conditions) tripod and got the lens as close to the telescope’s eye piece as I possibly could.

Then I just fired away a few shots and after checking out the results I wasn’t too disappointed (considering the precarious conditions I to take them in).

[There where a couple of examples here, but unfortunately the photos got lost in the way.]

I just wish I had remembered to clean out the telescope’s lens… :-)