We have people!

Posted on May 25, 2005

I just couldn’t resist and after having finished the first version of the Flickr::API::* classes I just had to try and implement one of the high-level modules to test it out.

So I now have Flickr::Person full implemented (no tests just yet, though, I went way about this one the impatient way).

It took about 30 minutes to do it and works like a charm! It was extremely easy to write, it is lazy in getting data and, once it actually has to get any data, it caches it for future reference.

It’s great when things ‘just work’ like this. Quite a rush!

Well, but now I’ve got to be a good boy and go to bed, tomorrow I have a chiropractor’s appointment really early and I will pay for staying up late working on this.

Can’t wait to get the other three modules finished. This version of the modules is read-only (you can only get information from Flickr, and not all available information at that) but once I get it out the door and into CPAN I’ll start implementing the write part of it. And filling in the gaps on the read methods, of course.

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