And we have photos... Almost.

Posted on May 25, 2005

Following yesterday’s post and in the interest of getting something out as soon as possible, I’ve made some headway into the Flickr::Photo class today.

Of course this was after some cleanups and slight changes to the Flickr::Person class.

I can now instantiate a photo object, see (part of) it’s info and get an object representing it’s owner, all auto-magically. Rocks!

In the mean time, it is a good thing I decided to leave the write part of the read/write equation for later as I noticed today (two days late!) that there was an email on the Flickr developers list informing that the ‘setters’ (the write methods) where changed and that they now all have to be done via POST instead of GET.

While this makes perfect sense, I’m pretty sure it will warrant some changes in the Flickr::API and until Cal makes those changes I’ll keep the write part on the back-burner. (As if it weren’t already there…) ;-)

The hardest part of making something like Flickr-Tools is that you just know that the second you put it up on CPAN there will be a ton of changes to the object’s API which will become immediately clear.

Oh well, release often, release early, warn your users, listen to the community feed-back and all that jazz.

I really wish I could make the first release during the coming weekend… I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it though, as real life is getting in the way. But I’ll surely try.

(Did I just say “real life”? Hum… It seems my moo/mud-user personality is trying to take over when I’m not looking!)