Summer music

Posted on July 3, 2007

After having missed the Glass concert in the most ignominious way possible, I’ve only just now looked around to see what is going on this summer that might interest me. At least on which is where I’ve looked so far.

The outlook is not to bad and I’ve managed to get a good head start already.

Last Saturday I went to the Sieben concert in Sintra and I quite enjoyed it, except for having to sit on those awful chairs for the hour-and-a-half that the concert was delayed.

Then I managed to miss the Gotan Project’s concert in Oeiras, but that’s OK because someone who went told me that it was very much like the previous show they did in Coliseu a few months ago and I did go to that one!

Today I’m planning to go to ACT II of the Super Bock Super Rock festival and maybe I’ll also go on Thursday. Or maybe not, I’m not 20 any more and I’ll have to see how I’ll cope with the working day (tomorrow) and then decide wether to go again this week. :-)

But then there’s still lots more to come, such as the Estoril Jazz Festival (near the place where I now live, Yay!), the Dead Combo concert next Tuesday at Santiago Alquimista (a venue I particularly enjoy), The Nouvelle Vague will come to play in Oeiras the Sunday after that…

Lots and lots to choose from and, like I said, that’s just what cropped up on
It will be a good summer for music, I guess.