Help Wanted - days of the week songs

Posted on December 11, 2008

Dear lazyweb, I need your help with some song suggestions.

What I’m looking for is songs that talk about each day of the week.

I’ve already got some days down, from my own ideas and from discussing this topic with @phantas, but I am sill a few days short of a week. Nevertheless, I am still accepting suggestions for the days I already have (which are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

But there are some specific rules about the songs I’ll end up choosing, namely:

  • Please, please, please, no “Friday I’m In Love”! I’m a big fan of The Cure and I’ve been trying very hard to forget about the ignominy that is the fact that they wrote that song (let alone that they recorded it), so please be considerate! :-)

  • The songs have to be about the day in question. Just mentioning the day or even having it on the title is not enough. Something about the “day of the week” or even about that particular day of that particular week is acceptable, but otherwise just mentioning it for no good reason is no good;

  • The songs have to have at least one cover version made. Don’t mind too much about this issue, though, I’ll do this part of the research. For now just throw as many suggestions as you can, please.

So lazyweb, can I count on you? Will you come through for me? I hope you do, I’ve been thinking about this list for quite some time now (OK, let’s be honest here, it’s been nagging me on the back of my mind for quite some time, but I haven’t really given it the due attention until now) and I’d like to get this thing done.

Thank you! :-)