Posted on October 8, 2004

Trying to compile php-curl into PHP resulted in a major upgrade to this site’s structure.

It is now using Apache 1.3.31 and PHP 4.3.9.

This was definitely not a planed upgrade and some down time was experienced. Also some major headaches as I was trying to maintain my legacy configuration from the past several years. Only when I decided to take the server down, move it to the side and do a fresh install did I get it running as I wanted it to.

So on the whole this is good news. I think…

Oh and in the end I did get php-curl working. Good for me, he?

Update: It turns out spending too much time playing around with Apache’s configuration and modules got to me. I didn’t want to compile mod_curl into my PHP, I wanted to compile php-curl. Duh! Thanks to Melo for asking about mod_curl, thus making me aware of the mistake. It is corrected in the body of the post.