The photolog sections...

Posted on August 25, 2004

… are in dire need of revision; Not only are the existing ones totally inadequate, they are also too few.

The problem is that it is much more fun to browse around in the huge backlog of pictures, revisit the ones that look more promising and choose some of them to put on-line than it is to get lost in administrative details like these.

Come to think of it playing around with old (and not so old) pictures and, generally speaking, creating content is much more fun than kicking the site into some kind of shape… I still have to address not only the sections of the photolog (that’s easy!) but I also have to hammer the wiki into shape so that I can finally integrate it into the main site, deal with the exploder problems with the site’s CSS and coax the photo album software into the same design as the rest.

It will take me quite a bit of time and this is not a pleasurable prospect, but it must be done or else I won’t have a decent place to show off the content that I like so much to create.