The blog is broken for a while. Sort of...

Posted on January 10, 2005

That’s it then, I’m turning off comments for the whole weblog until I decide and implement whatever mechanism I will put in place to stop spam.

They won, hurray for them.

If you have a weblog of your own and wish to contribute anything you can still use the trackback mechanism (if I don’t start getting spammed that way, of course) but other than that sorry, no luck.

Yes it is sad, very sad indeed.

I will eventually settle on some way to deal with this and I hope it will be as little intrusive as possible. I also wish I could tell you that in a day or two everything will be fixed but I know myself and we wouldn’t want to turn me into a liar now would we? ;-)

I am really, really sorry about this. Not that this will affect many people but on a principle I hate having to do this. But then my time is much to valuable to spend chasing spam comments all over the weblog.

The upside of this is that now I know I won’t get the same comments I get every time I post something about spam comments, telling me to read the documentation and to use mt-trackback and so on even if I already stated time and again that yes, I have every single bit of possible protection in place short of upgrading the software version.
Hum… So there is a silver lining after all! :-)