Sidestepping the issue... Sort of...

Posted on August 25, 2004

That’s it, I’ve decided to stop trying to make it work correctly in Internet Exploder. It’s just not worth it, I’d have to put design elements in the HTML instead of leaving it all to CSS and I’m totally against that.

So I’ve decided instead to warn IE users and try to help them out of their (probably unknown) state of darkness.

So from today on visitors using IE will get this nice warning on the context-menu bar to the right:

[This image was lost to the ages. It was a cool one, though. :-)]

This will let them know of their plight and, at the same time, offer them a helping hand out of their misery.

Actually this screenshot illustrates some of the problems with IE, for example note how the border around the content part is totally opaque instead of the nice transparent graded shadow. Note also the ugly fat orange bar just below the menu item (About).

If these complaints strike you as surprising then you must be an Internet Exploder user who has probably thought that I must have been crazy to switch my design to this ugly mess.

Well, now you know better, go get firefox or any other standards-compliant browser and open yourself to a whole new world where web pages look the way they are supposed to.