The Search is on, powered by KinoSearch

Posted on October 1, 2006

In between the “real” coding I did this weekend, I found a bit of time to finally hack on this site’s search and now, lo and behold! you have a search box on the sidebar. Yay!

The search is powered by KinoSearch (a system I had already talked about previously) and I must say I’m as impressed now as I was when I first tried it out.

Not only is it fast, but it is also ridiculously easy to work with. I still want to add a few functionalities to the site and I expect each new addition to take all of oh… 10 minutes or so to be hooked up to the search function. :-)

True, it takes up a bit of disk space but then “disk space is cheap” and you do get your space’s worth with stuff like lightning fast searching with highlighting. And no, you don’t feel the speed all that much, but that’s entirely my plugin’s code fault. It still needs a bit of love before it responds as it should.

Now let’s see how it holds up to the test of real-world usage. I’m pretty confident it will do nicely.