Microblogging is taking the Blogging out of me

Posted on March 22, 2008

I’ve seen this happening to many other people and now I come to the conclusion that I’ve fallen for it too.

Microblogging (in it’s many forms) is definitely taking most of the blogging out of me.

Twitter (makes more sense viewed in context with my friends), Jaiku and even Flickr (which won’t be all that interesting to you unless you have an account and are my friend, because only then do you get to see most of my pictures) are getting filled with a steady stream of my thoughts and presence, but the good old blog is dwindling a bit.

The fact that I can jot things down on these services via Instant Messenger, from my phone via SMS and MMS of via their respectives web interfaces makes it just so easy to spill my guts in there that I’ve come to find the act of actually blogging cumbersome and, many times, as too much trouble to be worth the effort.

Then again, the things I microblog about aren’t really that deep or important. Or even interesting sometimes. As an old curmudgeon friend of mine (who is himself on Twitter, but only updates to friends) is fond of saying: “IRC never died, it just became Twitter” and sometimes the level of the conversations there tend to prove just that.

Still, it is fun!