Changes on portions of the site

Posted on September 2, 2005

Well, now that the Mac mini is finally here, I’m trying to get rid of the big noisy Intel tower ASAP.

Right now I’ve moved a few sites out into the geek-nest server (most notably the wiki which also suffered a software upgrade which may break things a bit) and de-activated some others.

I wanted to try out CenterStage on the mini before putting it to definite use as a server and I did. So now I know it will take a huge time for it to even start to be useful so no problems there. I’ll probably just put the mini to work this weekend, if I have the time. I’m actually active in the whole pvr/media center arena but that is a subject for another time when I’m not so sleepy.

I apologize in advance if anything breaks in the mean time in my site. Migrations usually do that! :-)