Better days will come

Posted on August 17, 2004

Hopefully I’ll soon get the time to start working on again.

The design needs to be adjusted because of the usual browser discrepancies (I don’t expect it to be a major problem, though) and then I need to finally set-up the photo galleries section and, most importantly, the Wiki behind the rest of the site.

Gallery is looking really good right now simply because of the very useful plugin for iPhoto. Hey, these things count, you know?

The Wiki will probably start up as a Tikiwiki because: a) I’ve already have some information on it, from my tests and everyday general note taking on it and b) it is just simpler to start with because it has everything you could think of and then some.

Both of these options will be up for revision in the (probably not-so-near) future when I re-evaluate my needs and think about making something more specific to address them, but until then I want to have something to get me by.

Oh and I got a real favicon.ico in place so my RSS feed reader (as well the the browsers) now see them.