Preparing for the ski season

Posted on January 2, 2004

This is something which is still uncertain.

After my knee injury while ice-skating on my last vacation this year’s ski trip (scheduled for the last week of January) may turn out to be just a snow-seing trip, but I still couldn’t get a hold of my orthopaedist so I don’t know for sure just yet. What I do know is that after almost a month I still feel some pain in my knee when I twist it in some ways. I thought the injury was gone but today I knew better…

Anyway, since I’m still really hopeful (and will be until I get a clear NO from the doctor) I am looking for exercises to get me in some kind of shape for that week.

So far I’ve found these sites which look interesting enough (some are actually very similar to mountain biking-specific exercises that I know), but I still have to get into the gym and ask them for some more gym-machine-based exercises and if I don’t mess up the knee during the training weeks I’ll feel fairly confident about taking on the slopes! :)

So for the record (and following years) here are the exercise sites I’ve found out about until now: