Spreading the geekness

Posted on September 14, 2005

Tuxa (that’s my wife in case it isn’t obvious) has just assembled her first PC!

I finally managed to get a little bit of free time (the help-desk-like-stuff pile is getting definitely smaller) to get around to assembling the Pundit-R which will be my living-room DVD player and PVR. My current DVD player has been warning me that it will not put up with my demands much longer and so this was the perfect opportunity to go for a full-blown PVR.

So I bought all the components some two weeks ago and it has all been laying around, waiting for me to have the time to put it together.

The curious thing is that Tuxa was so curious about it that she asked me if she could help out with the assembling. Well of course I had nothing to object, quite the contrary.

In the end I opened up the case, got the manual in hand and just told her what to do while she had a blast assembling it all.

So now, after I’ve had all the software installed and put the box in it’s place, Tuxa will have a PVR which she built herself! How cool is that?

Oh and all this fuss is derived from the fact that while she is far from technologically-challenged she is not a geek, not by far. Although I may have to revise that last statement given the recent developments… Oh my, could I be about to loose the status of alpha-geek in my own home? ;-)