It's a geek thing...

Posted on October 29, 2004

Consider this:

  • I know 5 geeks who are looking for a wiki-type CMS for their personal usage (either they have one which they have outgrown or they are looking for a new thing, but this is irrelevant);
  • One of them (1!!) is looking at what is out there and considering what best suits him. His approach is to find a good enough tool, use it and take it from there, making his changes to the tool if and when they are necessary;
  • The other three (4!!) have looked around and are now at different stages of… rolling out their own.

So out of a (not so) random sample of 6 geeks (I’m including me here), two are using or planing to use something which is out there, changing and developing it as needed and four have just dove right on and are either planing or developing their own wiki implementation.

I’ve heard about diversity fostering quality but this is ridiculous! :)
I mean, how soon will any of them have anything to show for it? Come to think of it how many of them will actually get anywhere? This will be interesting to follow…

But even more importantly, after having developed all the basic features of any wiki (cross-referencing, indexing, editing, versioning, automagic linking, etc., etc.) will they have the patience to then implement all the really new and extra cool features they are envisioning?
Because if they don’t they’ll just end up with yet another mediocre-featured wiki on their hands.

The good part is that someone could then take it and develop the rest into a new and great wiki. But then someone who could do this will probably prefer to do everything from the beginning.

You see, it’s a geek thing!

Ah, it’s great being a geek, just think of all the new and exciting versions of the wheel we will have to look forward to in the coming years! :D