Home media box in a... box

Posted on October 7, 2003

This is it, I’ve been thinking about getting a small Shuttle PC (or something along that line) and equipping it with a TV tuner, DVD burner, WiFi interface, IR receptor, etc. You know, the basics of a digital VCR/audio player/DVD and CD recorder and all-round media box. The Shuttle is quiet and discreet enough to have it in the living room and some of my friends are already buying all the hardware for it.
The Freevo and MythTV projects are examples of good software to put on top of this setup so everything is falling into place for this option but then…

Well, today I found out that Sony is still a great company and that they are one step ahead of the rest with this Press Release.
I think it almost (but not quite) covers everything I wanted.
Not quite because it still doesn’t play divxs and I doubt it exports its disk on the network for example.
Still, they are getting the picture, the details will come in time, if not from Sony than at least from some other company.

Good job Sony!