Comment Spam and other woes

Posted on September 11, 2004

More than forty (yes forty!!) spam comments on this weblog alone in the mere seven days I’ve been gone and off-line.
And I’m not an A-list blogger, far from it in fact.
Also the comments were posted all over the weblog, ranging from posts made more than two years ago to posts made last week.
I’d really hate to close the comments on old posts because sometimes (rarely, yes, but sometimes) I do get relevant comments in some of them, but this is getting ridiculous!
Maybe it’s time to investigate moderation for times when I’m away. Or even always. I’m not partial to a system like TypeKey which forces you to create an account elsewhere in order to post on my weblog but the mixed approach of Movabletype 3 (either authenticate via TypeKey or else get moderated) may be the way to go.
Maybe I have to think about upgrading my Movabletype installation a bit more seriously…

Oh, and I came back home to a powered-down server due to a prolonged power-failure that outlasted my puny UPS (the poor neighbors had to hear it beep to death…) and a deep-fried USB hub which means no goodies attached to the server (even the keyboard, mouse and UPS data connection have to multi-task now). That’s what you get with more than one year old or so PCs with only two USB ports.
Bah, humbug!