Assorted Cool Technology - 2012-03-13

Posted on March 13, 2012

The robots, they are a-coming!

Taking to the air

I’ve been beating the flying-robots-drum quite a bit lately, because that’s where much of the current research is happening (also because these articles are entitled “Assorted Cool Technology”) and because things have been evolving at a rapid pace in that area.
A lot of the most recent videos we’ve been seeing are in fact produced by the very same group and quite recently they’ve been incorporated into a Ted Talk presentation by Vijay Kumar which you should definitely check out. More info on the whole issue can be read in this article from the Singularity Hub.

Also, on the subject of flying things, these beauties are going to be available to us, mere mortals, soon.

Becoming small

And then they became smaller then ever before. Harvard engineers have devised a clever and incredibly elegant way to produce tiny (think millimeter-scale) robots based on origami-like techniques.

And on the ground

Back on the ground, Boston Dynamic continues to impress us with legged robots that can out-do us in many ways. Be afraid, they can now out-run us in the long run. Read more about it at the ieee spectrum.

The humans stand and watch

So if we’re inexorably going to be left in the dust, what can we do?
Nothing really, but at the very least we can look cool while wearing our tech-based life-enhancers. As is the case of those who wear these glasses to record what happens around them in first-person POV. The demo video and the specs are quite impressive.