first tech meeting

Posted on November 17, 2005

The meeting went on yesterday evening and this is just a quick note to recap on it.

  • People seemed to like it (as far as I can tell);
  • Three talks were had, they covered testing (Cog), the backpack command-line tools developed by Melo and the Flickr-Tools distribution by me. They will eventually be made available on the website (won’t they Melo?);
  • Audio recording and video recording took place. Expect both an audio (podcast) and a video version of the talks to be available in the… erm… (not-so-near?)-future. I have in fact already talked to Pedro Custódio (the one who recorded the audio version) about how we could do the video version based on the podcast one, so now that I have committed to it I have to get it done!
  • We already have enough speakers for another meeting (in fact I think we could already fill up two more, but let’s take it one step at a time) so we are aiming at doing another one in a month or so.

On a partially related note, I’m not actually sure if I can say I belong to I mean can you belong to more than one Perlmongers group? Being a founding member of (and 50% of it’s membership) can I say I also belong to Oh well, such are life’s little dilemmas… :-)

So here we all are, except for Pedro Custódio which unfortunately was too far back from the table and so was hidden away by Francisco (and José who took the shot): first tech meeting

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