World-class sailing in Cascais

Posted on April 27, 2007

This year’s ISAF sailing world championships will be held in Cascais, starting in June.

It appears that the organizers’ official website doesn’t have anything in the guise of RSS feeds with news relating to the event or any form of subscribable calendar on-line, which is a shame. Still, I’m hoping that there will be lots of other (probably international) sites with these things available when the time comes.

This could not have come at a better time: I’ll be moving to Cascais in the beginning of June (if all goes according to plan) and I’ll actually be in walking distance of the marina (OK, a vigorous walk, but very doable anyway) so I’ll take this as a really nice “welcome to your new home” celebration.

If time and mood permit I may be posting some photos or even videos of the event as it unfolds. Assuming I will have unboxed my computers by that time. And my photo and video gear. And I’l have setup my home network. And I’ll have Internet access and… :-)