Diary 2008-06-22

Posted on June 22, 2008
  • Last friday (June 20th) I went and got my braces installed (I am so sure this is not the right word!) on my upper teeth. The lower teeth will follow in a few months. This is something I’ve been putting off for some 18 years or so (that’s when I started the treatment and took out some teeth in preparation for the braces). So now I have two years to look forward to eating at snail’s pace and spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning my teeth every day. Should have done it already but I obviously let it slide until the “it’s now or never” time. Typical.
    The worst part, so far, is that I had to leave the sax lessons. I still had some hope I’d be able to cope (and some people actually do it), but it only took me the upper brace to realise that I don’t want to go through that kind of pain, especially when I have multiple other means of enjoying and making music. I’m just not a sufferer.
    So next week I’ll start with the music theory classes and I hope to be able to get into composition (my main goal) in a few months. As for playing music, I just had the piano tuned last week so (again) neighbors beware!

  • Luckily the braces don’t affect me much in my everyday life (i.e. so far they don’t actually hurt –_much_), so this has been one really good weekend, with beach, running and swimming pool all combined to optimize chill-out and relaxing. Summer started yesterday and the days are going to get smaller and smaller, so now is the time to make the most of it;

  • And running has really been very good; not only do I feel better running for greater distances (even with increased heat), but I am also getting much more flexible when I do the post-run stretches. For someone who was always as stiff as a board (even when I practised yoga), this is a very welcome novelty. The feel-good endorphins that running stimulate are not all bad either.
    Now that the weather is finally good, I also started swimming a bit after running (at weekends), mostly arms, as the legs are already being well exercised. If I could actually turn this into a weekend-routine it would be really great and I’m sure I’d be in tip-top shape by the end of the summer. Then again I know me pretty well and the lazy-ass in me is going to come out sooner or later, so I’m not pinning my hopes on that happening…
    I have been keeping my run-logs at runner+, but I’ve never been very parcial to having my content (especially written) kept outside my domain and my server, so I’ll start copying them to my weblog. Must do a service to diffuse them to both sites.