Diary 2007-10-25

Posted on October 25, 2007

I came back from my vacation only to find out that new sentient life forms have evolved, of their own accord, inside my fridge. Apparently I hadn’t quite finished out everything I had in there before shipping off and now I’ll have to struggle with whatever has grown in there, even if the smell is discouraging…
Have gloves, have spatula; will fight!

While I was away I missed the God Is An Astronaut concert, which happened to have the Allstar Project as an opening act, but at least (thanks to a friend who was lucky enough to go to the show,) I got the Allstar Project’s latest CD –Your Reward… A Bullet– which was released to the stores a couple of days after the show, and it rocks!
Do go over to the Allstar Project’s website and download the free track –Lasers Go Through Monkeys–, it is an excellent demo of the album and a great song to boot.

Yesterday, instead of staying at home and sleeping (like I needed to), I went instead to the Monty Python’s Best Sketches show. Great fun (even if I did feel myself dozing off a couple of times during the performance…)
I am actually quite a Python fan and did know most of the sketches and I confess that I was more than a bit worried about having the whole thing translated and adapted to Portuguese, but in the end it all went rather well and the trust I placed on the person who did the adaptation and on the performing artists payed off rather nicely.

And oh yes, I did make it into episode 81 of the Contrast Podcast, and with Bob Dylan’s “Most of the Time”, no less. Yay! Like I said on the intro, that song’s lyrics are absolutely brilliant, I’m just overjoyed that I got to pick it to be played in the show.

And now back to business as usual, the vacation is over, life goes on, soldier on, and so on and so forth…