Diary 2007-10-02

Posted on October 2, 2007

Lately I’ve been honing my (or should I say picking up some) m4d c00king skilz.
Just last evening I cooked myself a nice bacon, mushroom and black olive quiche. And it was not bad really, just a bit on the overstuffed side (I knew I should have listened to what my friend said about the quantity of eggs and cream to use, she knows what she’s talking about, but it just seemed so little when it was still uncooked…) and murderous on the cholesterol count, but rather nice on the tasting department. So that’s one to go for again, next time using less eggs and maybe replacing the dairy cream with soy cream.
I’ve been slowly porting my old wiki to this site and since I’ve recently brought the recipes into the notebook section, I guess I’ll start putting some of the stuff I like to cook best on-line (in Portuguese, though, I don’t think it make much sense to take notes on recipes on a language other than the one I’ll be buying my ingredients in).

One thing that’s been happening that has made me really happy is that I’ve finally started to read again.
I’ve taken up some real, honest-to-god novels and I found myself engrossed by them to the point of forgetting myself and loosing huge chunks of the day/evening, reading away to my heart’s content, just as it should be.
For quite some time now I haven’t been able to immerse myself in the books I read the way I usually do and I was sorely missing it (as much as I love short stories, I was getting rather tired of reading nothing else) and it feels really good to be able to live all those stories once again.
Now to make up for all this time and get that “to-read” pile back to an acceptable size (that pile, by the way, comprises mostly books I’ve never read, if I throw in the must-re-reads it gets much more interesting).

On a not so bright (relatively speaking) note, it turns out I’m not going to attend the God Is An Astronaut concert this month. But at least it will be for a good cause, as I’ll (finally) be taking some time off and going on a small trip, getting some vacation time away from everything –to the point where I’m not even sure I’ll have any kind of GSM coverage at all for most of the time.
I’m still feeling a bit lost (OK, a lot lost) so I may just as well get really lost in a new place to try and match things up a bit. :-)
I’ll probably have more to tell about this upcoming road-trip later on, but for now that’ll do.

So… Is it really impossible to fast-forward a couple of years in our lives?
What about just one then?
Six months?
Really, no chance at all?