Diary 2007-09-09

Posted on September 9, 2007

After last weekend’s sun extravaganza (a week ago I got to spend a whole day at the beach with some really fine weather, yay!), we’re back to business with less than stellar days and so it made for a more homely couple of days. Which was rather good actually, because I got to do loads of stuff around the house, even cook great food (a true “fada do lar” if you can read Portuguese) and, most importantly, I finished up a couple of projects I’ve been working on and which I’ll try to release in the next few days. After that I’ll finally have some time to devote to PyTalker (I hope…)

Last week I also discovered a new band (actually a one-man project) by the name of Moorlandt. Marado showed me a couple of songs –enough for me to order a CD– and I’m really glad I did order it. Very cool music, check it out!

The… thing (it’s not theater really, but I can’t quite define it) at Regaleira was very interesting and I quite liked it. I got to carry a huge standard for a while so what’s not to like? :-)
Still, the friends I went with told me about something similar they attended a while ago in Convento de Cristo in Tomar, where the troupe performed the story of The Name Of The Rose and on those premises it must have been awesome!

Now that school vacation is almost over I’m getting back to my saxophone classes this week and I’ll pay dearly for the slacking off I’ve been doing this past weeks. But even so, I can’t wait to get started again!