Wonderful working environments

Posted on July 16, 2003

I rarely complain about my company and my working environment because it is just plainly great (no, I’m not being paid or in any way forced into saying this, it is just my honest opinion, and yes, it does have it’s woes but then what doesn’t?) but just like everyone I hear horror stories frequently. And of course in Portugal things are hard in ways which are different than the USA or any other country.

But then when you read something like this you really, really start thinking things aren’t nearly as bad as they could be!

The last line of the Email is superb: “We want you to work hard at eBay, and enjoy your work.”. Well, It’s good to know that, imagine if they didn’t want their employees to enjoy their work…

But then, this could be a joke. Oh please, let it be a joke!