Word from the switcher

Posted on August 5, 2003

Where do I start? Oh yeah, I’m already in MacLand but not on my own computer. My iBook should arrive later this week and for now I’m using an eMac at work to get used to MacOs.

Boy is this different from what I’m used to! It’s just weird not needing to edit something in /etc to configure stuff.
And installing applications simply by putting them in the desktop and later, if I decide to keep them, just moving the folder to an “Applications” folder and it just works?!? It just feels so wrong! :-)

But then I’m starting to get used to the way things works around here and some things are really nice and although I thing I won’t have to, I can always play around in the system’s configuration files if I want to.
Anyway, I’ve got a new book to read (courtesy of Pedro Melo) entitled “Mac OS X for Unix Geeks”. I think I’m in for a good ride.

Killer applications I found up to now: iTunes, Fink, Mulberry (this is a comeback actually and all other Mac Email clients I tested just sucked big time), iSync, CodeTek VirtualDesktop, TigerLaunch, Salling Clicker and Keynote. And it’s far from over yet!

Right now I’m in the middle of a huge fight trying to install perl-Gtk and it seems I’m really going to loose.
Mac-heads all over are probably gnashing their teeth over this thinking that it is just wrong to want Gtk in OS-X but I just want all the alternatives, right or wrong, I’ll make my final choice later. Unix is (or should be) all about freedom and power to the user. Oh wait, but then this is a Mac… :-P